Delta Powerboats is Scandinavia’s fastest growing motorboat brand. Since 2003, Delta has been leading the charge in boat design, innovation and sustainability and consistently produces award-winning, seaworthy and extremely efficient boats.
Headquartered in Saaremaa, Sweden, Delta Powerboats is led by an entrepreneurial team of experienced yacht builders. As evidenced by Delta’s senior designer Lars Modin, the designs and boats to follow have won many awards and appeal to a wide variety of seasoned boaters.
In the Americas, Delta Carbon Yachts is led by yachtsman and professional race car driver Chapman Ducote, and is the exclusive importer/distributor for Delta Powerboats in the Americas. Established in 2014, Delta Carbon Yachts prides itself not only on offering a product that is unmatched in style, technology and quality by any other manufacturer in the American market, but on extending the same level of service and care post-sale for which Delta Powerboats is known. Delta Carbon Yachts offers Delta models from 26 to 88 feet, with an emphasis on the all carbon fiber cruiser builds at 54 and 88 feet.
Sleek styling, industry-leading fuel economy, functionality and timeless design are the hallmark characteristics of Delta Powerboats, which range in size from 25 to 88 feet in both GRP composite and carbon fiber construction.
The company focuses on designing and building boats for discerning clients who seek a balance between form and function, between forward-thinking technology and meticulous craftsmanship, and between performance and environmental stewardship.